Java 8 development with Android Studio 3.0 -Part 1

Java 8 Development using Android Studio : Using Android Studio 3.0 preview 1 and later, some subset of Java 8 language features can be used on Android projects. Some features are compatible with all API levels and some are only for API level 24 and higher. Previously for using Java8 on Android projects, jack toolchain,

Material Design Tutorial 11: Bottom Navigation View

Bottom Navigation View in Android : Previously to implement Bottom Navigation View in an android application, we need to use third party libraries. But with the release of the V25 of Design Support library, we can easily implement it with full backward support. Known as “BottomNavigationView“, this widget is same as TabLayout .BottomNavigationView takes the

Android Studio 2.3 update : WebP Image Support and Converter

What is a WebP image ? WebP is a modern Image Format that provides superior lossless,transparent (like png) and lossy compression(like JPEG) for images. These images are 26% smaller in size ( with lossless compression) as compared to PNG and 25-34% smaller (lossy compression )as compared to JPEG . Lossy WebP images are supported in

Firebase Android Tutorial Part 4 : Firebase Storage

Firebase Android Tutorial 4 : What is Firebase Storage? This is our fourth part on Firebase Android Tutorial series. Firebase Storage can be used to upload and share user generated contents like images, videos, songs etc. to the cloud. Unlike “Realtime Database”, as we have seen in our previous tutorial, Firebase storage uses Google cloud

Firebase using Android Studio : Part 1 : Introduction

“Firebase” is a backend platform that helps you to create a cross-platform application without having much server side knowledge. In this tutorial series, we will learn how to use it with android and what are the different features it offers. Register a new Project : Open 1. Login using your Google Account . Click

Testing in Android : Part 4 : Instrumented Unit Test

Instrumented Unit Tests : These are unit tests that run on real devices instead of JVM . Using instrumented Unit Tests, we can have real implementation of an Android Framework component like SharedPreferences objects, context of an Activity etc. Also , we will not have to mock any objects.1.  Add the following Dependencies : androidTestCompile

Android – Material Design Tutorial : 10 ( Password visibility toggle )

Password Visibility Toggle: Recently , Android support library 24.2.0 is released and  “Password Visibility Toggle “ is introduced. Check “API Updates” tab here for 24.2.0 TextInputLayout adds support for the password visibility toggle from the material design specification.” What is Password Visibility Toggle : As per Material Design Guideline , Using this icon, we can enable and disable