Java tutorial : Find all strong numbers in a range

Java program to check if a number is strong or not : A number is called a strong number if the sum of factorials of each digit is equal to the number. In this tutorial, we will write one java program to find out all strong numbers from 1 to 100000. You can modify this

Java program to iterate through a list using ListIterator

Iterate through a list using Listiterator in Java : We can iterate through all elements of a list using ‘Listiterator’ in Java. Main advantage of Listiterator is that you can iterate in both direction. i.e. access one by one element from first to last or from last to first. Create one list and create one

Swift Array Tutorial – swift 3/swift 4

Swift Collection tutorial : Array : array,set and dictionary : these three collection types are available in swift. In this tutorial, we will learn about array in details. Notes : 1. Array stores values of same types 2. All values are in a ordered list 3. Same value can appear multiple times 4. If you

Checking Prefix and Postfix of a String in Swift 4

Checking Prefix and Postfix of a string in swift 4 In this tutorial, we will check how to find if a string is starting with a different sub-string or ends with a different substring in swift. This tutorial is compatible with swift-3 and swift-4 . Please leave us a comment if you are not able

Java program to find union and intersection of two sorted Arrays

Java program to find Union and Intersection of two sorted arrays : In this tutorial, we will find the union and intersection of two sorted array elements. Let’s find out the union first : Union of two sorted arrays using Java : 1. Scan both arrays simultaneously 2. Compare element of both of the array