Write a Java program to find current resolution of the Screen

Java program to find current Screen Resolution : In this tutorial, we will learn how to find the Screen resolution of your system. We will use ‘java.awt’ package to calculate the values. 1. Using ‘Toolkit’ class, get the screen size using ‘Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenSize()’ method. 2. ‘getScreenSize()’ gets the size of the primary display if multiple screens […]

Java 8 Tutorial : StringJoiner example

StringJoiner class in Java8 explaination with Example : ‘StringJoiner’ class was introduced in Java8 . Using this class, we can join a number of different strings easily. Two different constructs are available for ‘StringJoiner’ to instantiate it. StringJoiner(CharSequence delimiter) : It constructs a StringJoiner with the separator as ‘delimiter’. StringJoiner(CharSequence delimiter, CharSequence p, CharSequence s) […]