Material Design Tutorial 11: Bottom Navigation View

Bottom Navigation View in Android : Previously to implement Bottom Navigation View in an android application, we need to use third party libraries. But with the release of the V25 of Design Support library, we can easily implement it with full backward support. Known as “BottomNavigationView“, this widget is same as TabLayout .BottomNavigationView takes the

Android – Material Design Tutorial : 10 ( Password visibility toggle )

Password Visibility Toggle: Recently , Android support library 24.2.0 is released and  “Password Visibility Toggle “ is introduced. Check “API Updates” tab here for 24.2.0 TextInputLayout adds support for the password visibility toggle from the material design specification.” What is Password Visibility Toggle : As per Material Design Guideline , Using this icon, we can enable and disable

Android – DayNight View Tutorial

What is day night theme and how to use it on android application ? Support Library 23.2 has introduced a new DayNight theme for Android Apps using which will automatically change the application theme to day or night mode based on the time of day and user’s last known location. Also, this theme can be used

Android – Material design tutorial -8 ( RecyclerView basics )

Recyclerview was introduced as a replacement of ListView widget. Like listview, recyclerview is also used to display large set of items inside application. But recyclerview is more advanced and efficient than listview. Introduction : Layout Manager :  Layout manager basically defines the types of layout which will be used by recyclerview. Three types of layout managers

Android – Material design tutorial -7 ( NavigationView )

In this tutorial, we will discuss about navigation view. Using Navigation View which was introduced with android design support library, we can create a navigation drawer easily that comply with the Navigation Drawer Design Guideline .     Create one project in android studio with activity and layout resource file for this activity as activity_main.xml